Meko Gmbh


Quality management on the basis of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Total quality management must accompany the process of developing any new product family. This implies a consistent philosophy of zero error from conception to implementation . The goal here is to be a partner company. A further goal as partner company is complete adoption of a product family, which naturally means being involved already during creation and development.


Quality assurance in the medium term, price constancy in the long term.

Partner Company

A partner company must have demonstrated its ability to blend innovation and quality as a global consultant possessing sales expertise. The partner company’s purpose is to analyze the European and international markets. To provide what it takes to achieve competitiveness on the market.


Because development cycles for new products are becoming ever shorter, constant exchanges with customers are necessary to jointly optimize their products.

Solving problems

If we tell a customer that we shall solve a problem, we are then obliged to do so. Customers and their products are of exclusive importance here.