Food and pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, measurement and control technology

Our production and delivery programmes are oriented toward our customers’ specifications and requirements. In close cooperation with our customers, we manufacture complex modules, basic frames and complete production rails for measurement and control technology as well as the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Materials like 1.4571, 1.4408, 1.4435 etc. are just as familiar to us as materials like Hastelloy, titanium, nickel, Monel etc. Solutions to constantly new challenges confirm the industry’s confidence in our enterprise.

Gas industry

For our customers from the gas industry, we manufacture parts made of stainless steel and brass, as well as small modules. Here, too, we produce according to your requirements and specifications, including all required documentation. We can carry out all necessary surface treatments (chromating, nickel plating, etc.).

Mechanical and plant engineering

Innovations in mechanical and plant engineering give decisive impulses to other sectors of the economy. Together with our manufacturing partners, we have recognized the signs of the time here. By extending our range of services due to a growing demand for products of mechanical and plant engineering, we have attained a successful position on the national and international industrial markets.
With our production facilities in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and China (casts), we are able to meet, also cost-effectively, the challenges posed to us.

Rail vehicles

In this industrial sector, we supply our customers with parts for maintenance and repair of rail vehicles. We deliver the products “just in time” according to specifications.

Moulds and casting

In addition to machining of cast and forged parts, we can also supply you with their blanks as part of a comprehensive offer. Our product range here encompasses investment casting, sand casting, die casting and forging. Investment casting is possible in the case of all common steel qualities ranging from structural steel through case-hardened and heat-treatable steel to rust- and acid-resistant materials. Special steels are available on request. This process can be used to manufacture workpieces with unit weights of up to 25 kg for steel and bronze, as well as 4 kg for aluminium.

Sand casting mainly employs grey cast iron and nodular cast iron with unit weights of up to 50 kg. The maximum unit weight in the case of die casting is 12 kg. Aluminium and zinc alloys are used.

Forged parts can be produced up to a weight of 6 kg.